About us

Affordable, Quality Crop Protection

AgroAdvanced International is a Crop Protection Company headquartered in Hong Kong, and under European ownership and management. Our business has historically focused on bringing quality generic pesticides which are affordable and represent good value for money to developing Asian countries. The business has grown to include a range of biorational and ecological products which offer further benefits to our customers without compromising the efficacy of pest and disease control.

Our Hong Kong base offers us efficient banking and financial support, a strong legal system, convenient access to Chinese suppliers and multilingual staff.

Our Philippine office and warehouse in Davao are in the ideal location for the export driven crop growing areas of banana, pineapple, and other high-value quality fruits.

Ethos and Direction

When we started our journey more than 20 years ago, our mission was to bring more affordable generic pesticides to the Philippines. At that time, the market was dominated by multi-national companies while China was raising its quality standards to eventually become the largest supplier of synthetic pesticides in the world.

We were one of the pioneering companies to successfully register several generic pesticides from China using our own data which enabled Filipino farmers to enjoy lower costs with the same performance levels as international branded products. Today, the Philippine market offers farmers many choices of suppliers and local brands of synthetic pesticides.

As we move further into the 21st century, sustainable agriculture and food security are important issues concerning every nation and we will play our part in facing those challenges in the Philippines.

Our focus is to develop environmentally friendly pesticides which are derived from natural sources and leave no chemical residue whilst doing no harm to beneficial insects, and offer the same performance as synthetic pesticides. And although these goals may appear too good to be true, we have already successfully introduced such products to major banana plantations in the Philippines, where they are being used commercially. Our claims are supported by data which has been independently generated and confirmed. Most of all, these benefits are being delivered whilst offering good economic value.

We will also introduce new nutritional products which will increase yields and offer better-value solutions to farmers who have long relied on 20th century commodity fertilizers which are not always friendly to the environment.

Moreover, we will also explore ways in which we can reduce or off-set our carbon footprint.

Since our humble and admittedly not-so-green beginnings, we are now on a mission to make sure we don’t damage our planet so much by growing the food that we need whilst maintaining our daily food quality but with lower chemical residues. And by the way, we hope to inspire and help the communities who do all the daily hard work to make sure we have food on the table every day. They really deserve better rewards and our continued gratitude and support!

Business Milestones

Over the past 25 years, the company has grown to be a significant agricultural company in the Philippines.


AgroAdvanced International Ltd was incorporated in Hong Kong.

Production of products in the 2.4D family of herbicides started and were sold around the world including South America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.


AgroAdvanced became the first company to develop, register and successfully bring to market a generic version of the molluscicide Niclosamide 25EC in the Philippines.


The company began the synthesis of Glyphosate using the glycine route and exported to international markets.

2000 to 2010

The company embarked on a program of registering generic pesticides in the Philippines which continues today and forms our range of legacy products.


AgroAdvanced began its partnership with Arvensis Agro from Zaragoza Spain and today remains their exclusive representative for the Philippine market.


Agroadvanced International Phils Inc increased its Capital and becomes a foreign owned entity under Philippine regulations


Xilotrom 10SL biorational fungicide is registered in the Philippines for the control of Black Sigatoka in banana and commercial application begins


Tarssus XP biorational insecticide is registered for use on tobacco and banana in the Philippines. The National Tobacco Association includes it in their 2020-21 Tobacco Production Manual, and commercial use on banana also begins.


Posfruit Post Harvest zero-residue adjuvant registered for use in banana against Crown Rot

Saponit aerial spray adjuvant is registered for use in the control of Black Sigatoka in banana as a more affordable and eco-friendly alternative to mineral oils

Avengerms disinfectant use is expanded to include Panama Disease


Tarssus  XP use in banana is expanded to include scale insects, mealybugs, scarring beetles and aphids.

Tarssus XP is approved for the control of mealybugs, scale insects and pineapple mites in Pineapple.

Xilotrom 10SL is approved for the control of heart and root rot, and white leaf spot in Pineapple.

Licence to Operate as Fertilizer Importer, Indentor and National Distributor in the Philippines is granted.

Humipower Solid Humic/Fulvic acid is registered.


Cripthum (Biostimulant) Humic/Fulvic acid is registered.