Eco friendly products

One of the next challenges for the world to face will be to feed its population in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Traditional man-made synthetic pesticides have been the staple tools for farmers to control pests and diseases since the end of World War II. These products have enabled the productivity, yields and quality of crops grown to increase rapidly to keep pace with population growth. Moreover, these pesticides have been relatively cheap and affordable for farmers especially in developing countries.

We are now facing several issues with the over-use of such chemicals which impacts their efficiency, the environment, and the consumer.

These chemicals become less efficient as the diseases and pests that they are intended to control become resistant, leading to increased dosing. This in turn has a negative effect on the environment as increased quantities of pesticides find their way into the soil, rivers, groundwater, and food-chain. Furthermore, the residues that remain on our fruits and vegetables are coming under increased scrutiny.

Our range of products from Arvensis Agro SA aims to address these issues and to do it affordably and without compromising efficacy. They are proven to give results as good as synthetic products and are in commercial use in the Philippines and around the world.

Legacy Products

The foundations of our business were built on generic pesticides from China. These products are still active and will continue to contribute to our business in the future.

Our company policy has always been to not compromise on quality, value and safety and bring to our customers high product standards at competitive prices.

There will still be a place for good-quality man-made molecules in modern agriculture and our range of synthetic pesticides strives to meet that need.